Moving From Atlanta to Tampa, FL

When you’re relocating, you’ll soon discover that there are many more things to take care of than you previously thought. You might be worried about surviving in your new workplace, making new friends, adjusting to new norms, and getting used to a new environment in general. The good news is you can always prepare your family for what is to come.

That being said, here are some of the changes you can expect when moving from Atlanta, GA to Tampa, FL.


The sun is shining, and the sky is blue. It’s time to pack up and move to Tampa, Florida! Sure, you’ve heard wonderful stories about the weather, making the city even more tempting. However, there’s more to it than lovely skies. Prepare for more humid summers than in Atlanta since Florida is closer to the Gulf. The good thing is, winters will also be milder, so you can let go of some of your winter gear and clothing. On the downside, in Tampa, you’ll have to worry more about storms, particularly hurricanes that make an appearance every year during hurricane season.

Cost of Living

When relocating to a new city, money matters can be tough to navigate. However, having an idea of the possible expenses will help you keep your budget in check. Fortunately, you don’t have to do a lot of math on this move. Tampa and Atlanta are pretty much on par when it comes to the cost of living. Here’s a quick rundown of the statistics by

  • Summing up all expenses, Tampa FL, is cheaper by 6.9% compared to Atlanta GA. Additionally, the median home cost here is 15.3% less.
  • The median average home listing in Tampa is $219,400, while the average rent is $1,418 for a single-bed apartment. Meanwhile, Atlanta’s average home price is $259,000, while the average rent is $1,535.
  • Tampa’s utilities are 7.0% cheaper, transportation is lesser by 8.6%, and health is 7.3% less. However, food and groceries are more expensive by 6.4%.

Although the cost of living isn’t the only thing you should be worried about, it’s certainly is an essential factor in determining your overall quality of life.


Of all the cities in Florida, Tampa is easily among those with the most diverse population. In fact, it is one of the most diverse cities in the world, attracting people from all over the globe. As a melting pot, the city’s leading ethnic group consists of 43% Non-Hispanic White. Black or African Americans make up 22.7%, followed by Hispanic Whites with 19.7%, and Asians with 3.7%. Don’t let the numbers fool you. Almost 60% of the population is fluent in Spanish. Make sure to practice your ‘Hola’ in the mirror before you go.


The influx of people from different corners of the country has dramatically impacted Tampa’s food scene. Couple that with the cultural diversity, and the result is a city brimming with color and flavors. Enjoy life as you explore fancy restaurants, lively food halls, exquisite hotels, and modest cafes. Savor different cuisines, from exotic dishes to unique seafood recipes to typical yet delicious fast food options. And oh! Tampa’s also a great place to grab drinks. Visit one of the many bars to quench your thirst with a simple cocktail or spoil yourself with a brew that explodes with different flavors in your mouth. Whatever you prefer!

Tampa’s also a great place to grab drinks.

Fun Things To Do

Although Atlanta’s recreation options are in a league of their own, there’s no way they can beat Tampa’s magnificent waterfront. Moving here will open you up to adventures you’ve never imagined before. Take a family trip to Busch Gardens, a 335-acre African adventure park featuring hippopotamuses, safari landscapes, and energetic kangaroos. Meanwhile, never miss an opportunity to visit the Florida Aquarium. This man-made habitat houses over 7000 species of aquatic plants and animals. What’s even better is you can participate in a hands-on tour for a one-of-a-kind experience! Other beautiful places worth visiting include Ybor City, Tampa Bay, Historical Center, the legendary Riverwalk, and Sunshine Skyway. Honestly, Tampa radiates with so much energy it’ll take you years to get the most out of it.

Never miss an opportunity to visit the Florida Aquarium

Making the Leap to Tampa

There are many ways to move, from renting moving trucks to hiring a professional moving company. The method you choose should depend mainly on your situation and what kind of assistance you need. There’s no need to stress over your move with reliable help. Moving is indeed a hassle, but it’s not permanent. At the end of your transition, you can look forward to enjoying life in sunny Tampa!

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